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CLive Barker Project Opens Tonight

Sensurround Stagings Kicks Off It's Second Anniversary

Sensurround Stagings is pleased to present two little
jewels from the master of horror, Clive Barker.
That's right! Before Hellraiser and Lord of Illusions,
before the publication of his horror fiction, Clive
Barker was making theatre audiences jump at the Dog
Company in London. Barker was one of the original
co-founders and penned most of the Dog Company's body
of work.

Sensurround will mount History of the Devil and
Frankenstein in Love during the months of June and
July in repertory. Expect anything and you won't be
disappointed. Barker's plays are known for their
grotesque, farcical and quite romantic nature -
seemingly contradictory but nonetheless sublime.

History of the Devil, directed by Justin Welborn, will
feature Patrick Wood as the Devil - fresh from his run
in Whole World's, Glengarry Glen Ross. History takes
the audience to the murky, infested waters of Lake
Turcana, North Africa to witness the trial of the
century. Orchestrated by the Devil himself, the trial
takes on many philosophical arguments regarding the
essence of good and evil and ultimately will decide
whether the Fallen Angel will be granted the rights to
re-enter Heaven. The energetic ensemble will take on
36 roles and includes: Steve Westdahl, Dede
Bloodworth, Bernard Clark, Sarah Falkenburg, Kalina
McCreery, Rodney Leete, Melodie Rogers, Jason
Stallings, Anessa Ramsey, Melisa DuBois and Stephano
Andreas. History of the Devil opens on June 20th.

Frankenstein in Love, directed by Aileen Loy, is
billed as a grand guignol romance. Delightful, witty
and at turns quite grotesque - Frankenstein in Love is
definitely an ugly duckling story where the audience
gets the chance to root for the monsters. Yes... they
are gruesome, thanks to the efforts of effects wizard
extraordinaire, Chris Brown, but in the land of Barker,
the monsters are heroic. Set in a plague ridden country
in Central America, Frankenstein's creatures become
revolutionaries of another kind. Spearheaded by El
Coco (the Bogeyman and Dr. Frankenstein's greatest
creation), the people find their greatest hero in a
man who is truly divided against himself, as he tries
to make sense of a life without hope and God. El
Coco, played by Steve Westdahl, is a patchwork of
human parts, constantly in mutiny with one another.
Will El Coco learn to accept his not quite human
condition and transcend his environment? Perhaps, but
only with the love of a good woman, fellow human
experiment, Veronique played by Caroline Masclet. The
ensemble is rounded out by Bernard Clark, Kalina
McCreery, Marc Cram as Dr. Frankenstein, Patrick Wood,
Travis Young and Rodney Leete. Frankenstein in Love
opens on June 27th.

Performances are at The Art Farm, 835 Wylie Street in
Cabbagetown. Shows run Thursday thru Saturday at 8:00
with two Sunday matinees at 5:00pm. There will also
be two additional Monday performances at 8:00pm, and
two Midnight Saturday performances as well. Tickets are $12.
Reservations are available by calling (404) 524-0302 or
online at www.sensurroundstagings.com

Specific dates:
History of the Devil: June 20-22, July 1, 3, 5, 6, 7,
18, 20th at midnight, 26, and the 27th.
Frankenstein in Love: June 27-29, July 8, 11, 12, 13,
14, 19, 20, 26, and 27th at midnight.

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