Happy Fun Hair (calico) wrote in corruption,
Happy Fun Hair

tears and blood

tears shedding as they fall to the ground
no one near to wipe them away
no one to hold me tight as fear grips me.
those I love long gone
I am just a memory or a story
emotions boiling over as if it were a flood
wings of hope broken like so may promises
light from above casting nothing but shadow
love proving to be nothing more then the myth of greeting cards
the bite of bitterness grows
the cold winds smashing me against the rocks over and over
the walls of my heart form with rhubarb so I may never feel the pain again
tears and blood flow
where did it go wrong
when did the venom take its hold
tears and blood
wanting to be numb
yet even then I would still feel
I look to the sky
tears and blood
I seek the taste of flesh
the smell of her hair
tears and blood
tears and blood
images haunt my sleeping hours
never to be free of you
never to hold you
tears and blood
I can't cry anymore
I don't want to lose you
I don't want to die
blood is not the answer
tears will not bring you here
what to do with this pain I feel
what to do with a hole in my heart
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