Happy Fun Hair (calico) wrote in corruption,
Happy Fun Hair

no title

you sit there saying no
you sit there saying it may never be
you just sit there

have you ever had the courage
have you ever had the desire
have you ever felt the passion

you just sit there
you say others can't
you say they will fail
you just sit there

at least we have the course
I have left my home
I have moved away from you
I am capable of anything

those whom I love are the same
we might sit and bitch
yet we will do what ever we can to be happy
you just sit there
reading words
watching as life goes by

have you ever experience a sunset on a roof
have you ever experienced the joy of pure happiness
have you ever known the thrill of not see the next day

its about the moment
it about doing what you can while you can
are you still sitting there
why must you be so damn tragic

live for the now
live for you
forget what the others say
be what you want no matter the consequences
breath the ocean air
feel the wind as you make you move

don't be like them
don't just sit there
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