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Counting Sins

There was a time when I would have looked at us and thought, "My my. How utterly desperate and immoral. To cling in such a fashion to a matter of the flesh."

Now, I look at us and think, "This is what lust is about. It is love and desire and completion.
Sin the first.

There was a time when you would have touched me and although I would not have walked away, I would have closed my eyes and pretended myself away.

Now, I crawl to your fingers and lips and eyes and anything else that can caress my skin.
Sin the second.

I was once the person to deny the idea of good in the things we share.

Now, I can do nothing but cry to the devils and saints to bring me more of this.
Sin the third.

There was a time when I thought that I could live with something that lacked passion and was settled in mediocrity.

Now, I know that all I have ever wanted it passion and the extremity that exists in all that we do...that I do...that you do to me.
Sin the fourth.
And possibly the biggest sin. It was the one against myself. It was the one where I thought I could "settle". It was the one where I tried to sell my soul for a phantom of possibility.

Now, I can revel in what can be..what is...what will be.
I can listen to my flesh and its cravings.
I can hear my cries of ecstasy.
I can heed my heart and its desires.
I can feel my satisfaction and the way it quivers.
I can accept my sins as beauty.
I can see my corruption as salvation.
I can revel in my impurity.
I can breath.
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