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Because they are wickedly beautiful...

A bit of Prose given to me by friends as birthday gifts...
From Algernon

Kitten approaches like her namesake...eyes locked to yours and you find
yourself frozen like a Cemetery Angel.

That smile on her lips and the glint in her eyes, pleasure with the hint of
sensuality that can make a grown Goth weak in the knees glides towards
you......you would crash the gates of Heaven for that look...

Kitten wraps her arms around you.......then you feel it, her inner power,
her soul, her dreams, her happiness, her pain, and you do not want her to
let you go...

Bathed in Kitten's scent which smells of sacrificed flowers to Baste with
the hint of slightly sweaty PVC and Leather, you wrap your arms around her
as well...arms which feel as if they were designed to fit there.

In this heavenly embrace, this dream time, you both slightly rock back and
forth in a slow tempo in what seems silent to the outside world, is your
dance of greetings and reunion......

My friends are amazing. They write me so very well...

* Posted with permission. All rights Algernon 2001
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